Visit the Best In Madison Wisconsin education venues and attractions in Madison, South Central and Southern Wisconsin.

CRANE FOUNDATION – (38 NW) – Baraboo, Sauk County, WI – All 15 Species of Cranes in the World. Visit the International Crane Foundation near Baraboo Wisconsin – a crane exhibit and crane saving sanctuary preserving all varieties of world cranes. Experience the International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, Wisconsin – a non-profit organization working to save, serve and conserve the 15 world species of cranes and their ecosystems. The International Crane Foundation is about 38 miles NW of centrally located Madison. It’s Baraboo headquarters consists of 225 acres where research, captive breeding and reintroduction, landscape restoration and education works to safeguard the world/s crane species and inspire inter nation cooperation for protection of millions of acres of wetlands and grasslands. Over 25,000 people visit the headquarters annually that offers a home to about 100 cranes, live crane exhibits, in interactive education center, visitor center, research library, nature trails and guided and self-guided tours. The International Crane Foundation is located at E11376 Shady Lane Road, Baraboo, WI – 608-356-9462.

EDGEWOOD COLLEGE – Visit Best In Madison WI Edgewood College a liberal arts college in Madison.It is a Madison Wisconsin liberal arts college serving the Madison WI area since 1927 – helping students enjoy great opportunities for learning, searching for the truth, pursuing a just and compassionate world, and making the connections needed to assist a career and a life of learning.

INSTITUTES FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH – The Institute is part of the University of Wisconsin medical and health programs designed to allow researchers to work with other scientists from other disciplines to address urgent health problems of common concern with an emphasis on cancer research and a new way of doing science. The tower buildings include the headquarters of the UW Carbone Cancer Center and numerous programs to advance medical research. Three towers are planned.

INSTITUTES FOR DISCOVERY – Welcome to the Institutes for Discovery, Madison WI – a public-private cooperative effort of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, and the private and nonprofit Morgridge Institute for Research to study information supporting life itself from cells to societies and which seeks to discover new theoretical and laboratory approaches to 21st-century problems. The building in designed to facilitate the efforts of scientists, researchers and professionals from the arts, business, education, humanities, law and social sciences to foster new approaches to biological and medical programs at the convergence of biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology; to create the potential for a fundamental transformation of human biology and medicine; to provide cutting edge scientific advances for clinical application and translation in the UW Madison Medical School’s new Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research; to build on the university’s Cluster Hiring Initiative by engaging and supporting the more than 100 multi-disciplinary faculty hired as part of that initiative; to establish educational components that will integrate cross-disciplinary science into K-12, undergraduate and graduate education; and to facilitate the invention of technologies that can be transferred to the marketplace and create jobs. The Institutes For Discovery is located at 330 Orchard St, Madison, WI – 608.316.4300.

ALDO LEOPOLD LEGACY CENTER – The award winning Aldo Leopold Legacy Center green building offers energy conservation in design and uses energy most efficiently for its office space, meeting rooms, exhibit space and a document archive. In addition, the Legacy Center makes an outstanding commitment to land stewardship and how we can reduce our impact on the environment. Aldo Leopold was an ecologist, environmentalist, forester, and professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and helped develop concepts in environmental and land ethics. He wrote many essays that were collected in the Sand County Almanac. Leopold defined conservation as a way of life. People can partnership with the land to sustain the health, wildness, and productivity of the land both locally and globally without spoiling it. The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center offers programs on land management, controlling invasive species, using prescribed burning in the woods, prairie management and forest management. The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center is located at E13701 Levee Road, Baraboo, Wisconsin. Call 608-355.029.

ALDO LEOPOLD NATURE CENTER – is an environmental, conservation and nature educational center. The Leopold Nature Center offers conservation education, hands-on programs, and interactive exhibits located at – 330 Femrite Dr, Monona, WI – 608-221-0404. The Nature Center offers individuals and families a chance to connect with nature through special events, education programs, children’s exhibits, a Climate Science Education Museum, plus outdoor wetland, woodland and prairie trails. The Nature Center’s mission is to educate the next generation of stewards of the land and to provide students hands-on programs to see the land, understand what is seen, and enjoy what is understood in the spirit of Aldo Leopold. The Monona Campus, provides visitors the chance to explore local flora and fauna on the trails, oak savanna, wetlands, prairies and woodlands to see how their observations connect to the land, local and global phenomena.

MACKENZIE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER – Welcome to the Mackenzie Center, Poynette Wisconsin. Experience Mackenzie Environmental Center is just 25 miles north of Madison. For great outdoor education, the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center is a diverse environmental education center on 250 acres of prairie and forest land and trails ideal for hiking, picnics and environmental education on Wisconsin’s natural resources. The MacKenzie Environmental Education Center land was purchased in the 1930’s and now consists of resident center dormitories, the main lodge building, arboretum, conservation museum, logging museum and sawmill exhibit, maple syrup education program and annual Maple Syrup Festival (First Saturday in April), a 80-foot observation tower, a pond, and a captive wildlife exhibit of sick and injured animals that would have little chance of survival if released into the wild. There is something for everybody at the Mackenzie Center. The Mackenzie Environmental Center – is located at W7303 County Rd CS & Q., Poynette, Columbia County, WI – 608-635-8105. The center is located about 27 miles north of centrally located Madison.

MADISON COLLEGE – MATC offers Madison are technical, business, health care programs and college transfer courses at two Main Madison Locations downtown at 211 N. Carroll St., Madison, WI 53703, (608) 258-2300. Truax (East): 3550 Anderson St. Madison, WI 53704, (608) 246-6100.


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