Visit the Best In Madison, Wisconsin hiking and hiking trails in Madison, WI and South Central Wis and Southern Wisconsin. Check out these Wisconsin walking associations, trails and more. Also see “Biking” trails.

ICE AGE TRAIL – The Ice Age Trail runs trhu Wisconsin. Experience the 1000-mile long National Ice Age Scenic Trail running through North and South Wisconsin.  The Ice Age Trail is a premier 1000-mile hiking trail entirely within Wisconsin following the edge of the last continental glacier in Wisconsin from Interstate State Park on the Minnesota border to Potawatomi State Park on Lake Michigan. It is one of only eight National Scenic Trails and is ideal for silent sport and outdoor enthusiasts. The Ice Age Trail is primarily an off-road hiking trail for backpacking, bicycling, bird watching, camping, cross-country skiing, sightseeing, snowshoeing and wildlife viewing. It runs near and through several state and county forests; state and county parks; Wisconsin bike trails and private campgrounds.


Welcome to UW Lakeshore Path, Madison, WI.  Lakeshore Path is in two trail segments.  The Howard Temin Path runs from North Park Street to Oxford Road along Lake Mendota shoreline. You can bike the Temin segment. The Lake Mendota Path (walking path) intersects with the Temin Path at the main gate to Picnic Point where it runs to the tip of Picnic Point and the shoreline to Wally Bauman Woods. The Lakeshore Path developed over the past 12,000 years ago beginning as a path for native Ameicans to gain access to the water. European-American settlers followed many of the same well-established Indian routes around the lake. The University of Wisconsin bought a 198-acre parcel of land purchased by the university in 1866 west of the original campus on Bascom Hill and begun construction of farm roads and pleasure drives in the late 1860s including a ¾ mile road along the shore of Lake Mendota – the most beautiful landscape views in this vicinity – enabling carriage. In 1892 a westward extension of the road to University Bay begun. Lakeshore Path is now visited by hundreds of visitors each day for a walk along the lake, biking or jogging, commuting to work, cross-country skiing, parents pushing strollers, roller blading and scenic drives. Lakeshore Path runs from UW Memorial Union to scenic Picnic Point.

Walking Trails of Southern Wisconsin – Handy book, pocket size.


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